As a contributor to Apartment Therapy, I wrote introductions to accompany each House Tour photo gallery. Here is one of those introductions. The live blog posting can be viewed by clicking on the title under the published date.


March 13, 2015
Tyler and Jack’s Musical Chairs

Tyler and Jack have the best-smelling home I’ve toured so far. As I entered their apartment, the scent of pine trees and an Up North campfire hit me. The incense and candle fragrances floated from room to room as dreamy, lounge music from Neon Indian and Bonobo spun on the record player. I began counting the number of iconic chairs in the apartment: fourteen.

The couple likes to entertain. Friends and family tend to gather in the living room where they can sit, chat and listen to music. Chairs are easily moved around to accommodate guests. Choosing from the Wassily or a molded Eames or Nelson, each visitor is guaranteed to have an awesome seat.

The guys are passionate about art and design beyond iconic furniture. Tyler is a graphic designer and Jack is a painter. Their artistic abilities are displayed throughout the home, from woodcut prints by Tyler to a custom headboard by Jack. Their creativity extends to side projects. Tyler is the founder of Mid-Century Michigan, a blog that documents mid-century modern homes in East Grand Rapids. (Check it out on Facebook and Twitter too.) With Tyler’s photography and interviews, the site could be called “Mid-Century Michigan Therapy.” Last autumn, Jack started his own pie company and even built a collapsible cooling rack onto a kitchen wall. Now I’m curious which smells better: the homemade pies or the incense?