As a contributor to Apartment Therapy, I wrote introductions to accompany each House Tour photo gallery. Here is one of those introductions. The live blog posting can be viewed by clicking on the title under the published date.


August 7, 2015
Grayson and the Teak Antiques

I park on the street and walk up the front steps of the duplex where Grayson lives. The porch on the left side of the duplex has a stereotypical college appearance: it’s covered with empty beer cans and a few plastic lawn chairs. Luckily I’m knocking on the duplex’s right side door. Grayson opens the door as I’m looking to the left. “Just ignore that side,” he says with a laugh, as he welcomes me into his tailored yet airy apartment. Each furniture piece has clean lines and the accessories are thoughtfully styled, from wire pyramids on a wall to Kim Kardashian West’s book of selfies on a side table. There is a clear view and path to the bright dining room. Music from The Smiths and Lana Del Rey floats up from the basement through the floor vents, creating surround sound as we tour his carefully curated home.

Grayson and I follow each other on Instagram. As his profile states, he is a “student / bartender / aesthetic enthusiast.” He refers to himself as an “aesthetic enthusiast” again during our photo shoot, and it’s an accurate title. I’ve never met a 22-year-old college student with such a well-put-together apartment and distinct aesthetic. Grayson is studying Communications with minors in Business and Studio Art, and he appreciates mid-century modern designs and tribal patterns. He is an avid photographer and his eye for art and design is showcased throughout the apartment. He has two roommates, but he has done most of the decorating. Mid-century pieces (vintage and inspired new builds) are seen in each room. Tribal patterns, plants, graphic wall art, and geometric accessories are layered with the Mid-century designs.