As a contributor to Apartment Therapy, I wrote introductions to accompany each House Tour photo gallery. Here is one of those introductions. The live blog posting can be viewed by clicking on the title under the published date.


August 15, 2015
Jenny and Jim’s Appreciation of Art

Jenny and her family live in Livonia's State Streets, a neighborhood where most streets are named after U.S. states. The neighborhood is adjacent to Old Rosedale, where Jenny's parents Sue and Doug live. Jenny and husband Jim are happy in their ranch house and proud of the renovations and designs they’ve completed, but Jenny tells me how often people ask them about their next house. “Next house?” she asks. “We want to stay here.” It’s good to meet a young family that is committed to what it has now and isn't too anxious to move onto what’s new and next.

Jenny and Jim mix iconic designer furniture pieces and accessories (like Knoll, Panton, Eames, and Aalto) with big-box finds from Target, Art Van, and IKEA. The result is a genuine, down-to-earth, and comfortable home that gives you a little nudge as if to say, “I also know a thing or two about art and design.”

There is an impressive amount of artwork on display in the house. The kids are surrounded by artwork in their bedrooms, the family is surrounded by artwork while seated at the dining room table, and Jenny and Lily each display their paintings. Art is appreciated and encouraged.