As a contributor to Apartment Therapy, I wrote introductions to accompany each House Tour photo gallery. Here is one of those introductions. The live blog posting can be viewed by clicking on the title under the published date.


November 26, 2014
Holly and Amy’s Ferndale Flat

I was greeted at Holly and Amy’s door with open arms and a stemless glass of white wine. I knew it was going to be a pleasant afternoon. These friends, coworkers and roommates live a few streets over from Ferndale’s main drag. The ladies enjoy laughing, collecting art, drinking wine, running marathons and taking in Ferndale’s social scene.

While discussing their interior design styles over drinks at Public House, I insulted Holly and Amy by using the term “granny.” I had to clarify (and redeem myself): “Your home feels like the extra bedroom at someone’s grandparents’ house,” I explained. To my surprise, Amy said, “Yes! That’s what I’m going for. Seriously.” Phew. Holly and Amy like the comfort of hand-me-downs and the stories associated with old pieces of furniture. Old family photographs are displayed throughout the home, adding their own stories to the space.

Holly and Amy’s home is instantly comfortable. Plush lounge chairs, an oversized sofa and a round dining table make it easy to sit around, strike up good conversation and enjoy some wine. Artwork and lots of color draw guests in for a closer look at the details. Holly’s bedroom is colorful and clever with its door headboard. Amy’s room is light and delicate with its carefully curated artwork.